KAYLA PRESTEL’S mastery over the wooden puppet of our main character, Opal Whitely, helps bring every story to the 21st Century.
— Lehigh Valley Stage
KAYLA PRESTEL strikes a foreboding presence without saying a word; She has a real connection to DeLuca in these scenes, and they do a lot of storytelling with their physical work here.
— Iowa Theatre Blog
Rarely have I seen puppets used as creatively as with this show. . . The cast members (Jake Bezel, Ariel Lauren, KAYLA PRESTEL and Weston Long) are disarmingly friendly with Mr. Rogers smiles (that is a compliment, not a complaint) and gentle voices (even when playing different characters)
— New York Theater Guide
It is difficult to remember puppeteers who convey such warmth and individuality to their creations while separately maintaining a veneer of supportive assurance. Everyone here is exemplary, mastering that difficult art of giving life to puppets without giving them independent existence.
The mommy seahorse was my favorite because she talked the same way as my mommy. I liked that humans were holding them and moving them around.
— New York Theatre Review
KAYLA PRESTEL who moved with [ease] and who I would liked to have seen more.
— Time Square Chronicles